French Connection

In 2001 Right Worshipful Master Bro. Gordon McCaffer made it his challenge during his year in office to visit sister Lodge’s that shared the same number on their respective roll as Lodge Coltswood Glenboig 1067 on the roll of The Grand Lodge of Scotland, visits were duly arranged to Lodge Royal Forrest of Dean No. 1067 in the English Constitution and Fidélité Occitane No. 1067 of the Grand Lodge National France Albi, Southern France.

These visits came and passed but unfortunately the relationship between the Lodge’s slowly dwindled away even with Brother William Lee’s holidaying in the South of France and visiting the French Lodge a few times after the initial visit, this was mainly due to the change of Office Bearers in the respective Lodge’s and their friendships moving on.

In 2009 Right Worshipful Master Bro. Colin Campbell attempted to resurrect the friendship between the Lodge and the French Brethren, after several weeks breaking down the communication barrier with the Lodge’s Secretary Bro. Guy Daumaus, Bro. Campbell was introduced to the newly installed Right Worshipful Master Bro Alain Huppé who luckily spoke good English, between them they setup a visit late in 2009 with the Right Worshipful Master Bro. Campbell, Bro. Gordon Rowe PM and Bro. William Lees attending.

This visit, although was a little apprehensive on both sides went fantastically well and a friendship between the French Brethren was re-cemented, this relationship was further cemented during Lodge Coltswood’s Centenary year with the French Brethren attending the ceremony and played golf together in St. Andrews competing for the newly named “1067 Trophy”.

A further visit took place in November 2010 where a degree team from Lodge Coltswood carried out an exemplification if the High and Sublime Degree of a Mason Mason on Right Worshipful Master Bro. Alan Huppé with RWM Elect Bro. Gordon Rowe, IPM Bro. Colin Campbell and Bro William Lees receiving Honorary membership of the French Lodge. During this visit RWM Elect Bro. Gordon Rowe received the great honour being invested as Honorary Grand Rank Director of Ceremonies of Provincial Grand Lodge of Alby-Quercy. Below is some memories of the exchanges between both Lodges.