Lodge Coltswood Glenboig

By Brother Joseph Fay P.M.
Lodge Whifflet St John No. 963

In Masonic terms I suppose that it could be said that Lodge Coltswood Glenboig is only a “baby” compared with some Lodges who have been in existence for over 300 years. It must also be observed that as this fine Lodge celebrates its centenary, that in these years the Lodge has managed to survive and flourish to the standards it has today. The Lodge has survived many horrors of two World Wars, had the sadness of coping with the deaths of three Kings, Edward VII, George V, and George VI, and of course the abdication and death of Edward VIII. It also had to adjust to the decimalisation of our currency in the early 1970’s, as we enter the second Centenary of the Lodge currency may be about to be changed yet again. The village of Glenboig has also had to endure many changes since the formation of the Lodge. In the early years it had the world famous Glenboig Union Fireclay Company which produced 250,000 bricks per day. It also had the Bedlay Colliery, opened in 1905 and in 1969 employed over 1,000 men producing 250,000 tons of coal per year.  Sadly it closed in 1981, and the shafts were filled in, during this period wages were poor, sickness was rife, and living conditions left a lot to be desired. In attempting to compile this short history of Lodge Coltswood Glenboig, we have to rely on the Lodge Minute Books for my information, and it is regrettable that a few of these books cannot be located.  This is very unfortunate as the missing years total over twenty. It has to be hoped that one day these may be recovered, and perhaps in the future the missing blanks in the history will be filled in. I sincerely hope that the present and future Brethren who read these following pages will find them interesting and will be able to look back through the years of this fine Lodge with a lot of pride. Looking back with pride and admiration to our Founder Members, and look forward to the future, not with apprehension, but with a firm desire to further in the interests of a Lodge of which every Brother is proud to be a memer.

Bro. Joseph Fay PM PM Lodge Whifflet St John No. 963

Honorary Member of the following Lodge’s –
Woodhall St John No. 305
St. Thomas No. 306
Newlands No. 949
Coltswood Glenboig No. 1067
Springburn No 1198
Services Lodge No. 1291

Lodge Coltswood Glenboig No. 1067 History

In the year 1909 a few informal meetings were held by a group of Freemasons with a view to forming a new Masonic Lodge in the village of Glenboig.

These informal meetings were held in Roseneath Cottage, Glenboig, and as a result of these meetings the first called meeting was set to be held at the Glenboig Band Hall on Wednesday, 10 November 1909.

A further called meeting was held on 16th November 1909, and at this meeting it was decided to contact Lodges 177, 544 and 963 to gain sponsorship for a petition for a Charter for the proposed new Lodge.  It was also decided at this meeting to contact the Church Committee of the U.F. Church with a view to letting their hall.

Considering the fact that in 1909, and within a radius of five miles, there were seven active Masonic Lodges namely 88, 147, 166, 177, 203, 544 and 963, why did our founder members think it was a viable proposition to try and form a new Lodge.  After all Glenboig was only a small country village and the means of getting to the village were very limited.

However, the decision was made to carry on with the project and the wheels were set in motion to form Lodge “Coltswood” Glenboig No. 1067.

The Founder Members of Lodge Coltswood Glenboig No. 1067 were as follows:

Lodge Patrick St Mary’s No. 117
Bro. Thomson

Lodge Cadder Argyle No 147
Brothers Young P.M., Sloan, Sergeant, Sloan, Henry, Hynds, Baxter, Ferguson, McKee, Hall, Hepburn, Paterson, Hamilton, Madill & Black,

Lodge Old Monkland St. James No. 177
Bro. Chapman & Sinclair

The Operative Lodge of Airdrie No. 203
Bro. Carmichael & Sinclair

Lodge Progess No. 873
Bro. McRoberts

Lodge Whiflett St John No. 963
Bro. Brown & McRae

At a meeting held on 24th November 1909, it was reported that the petition for a Charter had been duly signed by our sponsors – namely Lodge’s Old Monkland St. James No. 177, Whiflett St John No. 963 and St Andrews No. 544.

The principal Office Bearers of the proposed new Lodge were then elected as follows:-

Right Worshipful Master                Bro. S. McRae

Depute Master                                 Bro. J. Baxter

Substitute Master                            Bro. J. Hynds

Worshipful Senior Warden             Bro. R. Sloan

Worshipful Junior Warden              Bro. A. Henry

Secretary                                          Bro. H. Young

Treasurer                                          Bro. S. Sloan

Senior Deacon                                 Bro. G. Hamilton

Junior Deacon                                 Bro. J. Ferguson

Inner Guard                                     Bro. A. Paterson

Tyler                                                 Bro. S. McKee

At a meeting on 30th November 1909, it was decided that the name of the proposed Lodge would be “Coltswood” Glenboig, and that the Lodge colours would be crimson and gold, the same colours as Lodge Whifflet St. John No. 963.

It was also decided to rent the U.F. Church Hall for a period of 6 months.

On 6 January 1910, the completed and signed petition for a Charter was sent off to Grand Lodge of Scotland in Edinburgh.

At a meeting held on 3 February 1910, the Minute Book informs us that “Amid great scenes of joy and jubilation” a telegram was read from Bro. Muir, R.W.M. of Lodge 963, informing the Brethren that he had received a telegram from Grand Lodge stating that the new Charter had been granted this date 3rd February 1910.

On 3rd March 1910, the remaining offices of the Lodge were filled as follows:-

Chaplain                               Bro. W. Hall                           Junior Steward         Bro. W. Carmichael

Bible Bearer                         Bro. J. Black                          Librarian                   Bro. W. Madill

Architect                               Bro. J. Sinclair                      Organist                    Bro. T. McRoberts

Director of Ceremonies       Bro. J. Brown                        Director of Music      Bro. A. Sinclair

Sword Bearer                       Bro. J. Hepburn                    Bard                          Bro. R. Chapman

Marshall                               Bro. A. Sinclair                     Jeweller                      Bro. J.L. Brown

Senior Steward                    Bro. J. Sergeant

The Consecration and Dedication of the Lodge was held on 11th April 1910.  A deputation from the Provincial Grand Lodge of the Middle Ward of Lanarkshire, headed by Bro. P. Spence, R.W.S.P.G.M. and a further nineteen members from Provincial met at the U.F. Church and dressed and marched to the hall to carry out the service.

At this meeting 22 sister Lodges were represented as follows:-

88                                3 Members                                        305                 4 Members

116                             1                                                          354                 2

117                             1                                                          465                 1

147                             31                                                        512                 1

153                             1                                                          544                 18

166                             12                                                        556                 1

177                             13                                                        573                 1

187                             1                                                          588                 1

199                             1                                                          873                 1

203                             5                                                          963                 32

215                             1                                                          275                 1

Provincial Grand Lodge of Lanarkshire Middle Ward   20

A total of 153 Brethren attended this special meeting and the Minute Book tells us that the ceremony was one of “Great Feeling”. The Provincial Chaplain at this meeting addressed the Brethren and uttered some beautiful and important remarks.

In order that some of these words are not lost forever, I think a few extracts from his speech should be written down, and hopefully absorbed by us as Freemasons.
“Tonight we have planted a seed, which would bye and bye grow into a great tree under which we, our children, and children’s children would sit and enjoy its shade and fruits”.

“That charity was the highest gift possible of our great Masonic brotherhood”.

“He hoped that the foolish idea would never be entered into that a Masonic Lodge existed only to provide a few hours of social pleasure”.

“No Lodge should be constructed that measures its success on the number of candidates or high attendance at Lodge meetings”.

“A Lodge that sought to understand more and more of the high and hidden mysteries of the craft, and sought to protect these ideals was indeed a prosperous Lodge”.

These words were spoken over 100 years ago, and are as important to us as Freemasons today as they were all these years ago. The first official meeting of the Lodge was held on 14th April 1910.  At this meeting the names of six candidates were read out, balloted and initiated by the R.W.M.  All this happened on the same evening. At this meeting Bro. John Ramsay (who had presented a V.S.L. to the Lodge) was obligated as the first honorary member of Lodge Coltswood Glenboig.
On the instruction of Grand Lodge the Dais was draped and Office Bearers were in full Masonic Mourning as a token of respect on the death of King Edward VII.

May 1910
Meeting at which the first Master Masons Diplomas were issued to Brethren initiated on 14th April 1910.

June 1910
The evening when Lodge Coltswood welcomed its first official deputation. Bro. Wyper led a deputation from Lodge Whifflet St. John No. 963, and conferred a Master Mason Degree. June 1910 The first Mark Master Degree was also conferred by Bro. Wyper and a deputation from Whifflet St. John No. 963.  At this meeting a set of plans and working tools of a Mark Master Mason were presented to the Lodge.
The year of 1910 was a very important year for the Lodge being its first year in existence, and with a few exceptions the BYE-LAWS of Lodge Whifflet St. John No. 963 accepted.

Brother Young (Sect) was requested to make a carpet for the Lodge and he agreed to do this provided he was given £1.00 (ONE POUND) to cover the cost of the material!

At a meeting held on 30th June 1910, certain other proposals were passed.

  1. Accept lease of hall for £2.00 (TWO POUNDS) per annum.
  2. 14 days should elapse between proposal and ballot.
  3. Initiation Fee would be £3.3/-                    (£3.15p)
  4. Affiliation Fee would be 7/6d                     (37 1/2p)
  5. Test Fee would be 3/-                                  (15p)
  6. Life Membership Fee would be £1.10/-   (£1.50p)
  7. Harmony ticket would be 7d                      (3 1/2p)

The first year of the Lodge was about to come to its conclusion and on 20th November 1910 Bro. Wyper of 963 was honoured by being the first Installing Master of Lodge Coltswood Glenboig No. 1067.

Now that the first year has passed, and the years start to roll on, the Minute Books are very sparse in content and coupled with the fact that so many years of history appear to be lost forever, I have read through the books in my possession and catalogued some of the events interesting events.

February 1911
Mr. Killen who was the station master at Glenboig Station offered to run a special train from Glenboig to Coatbridge on meeting nights, and the Lodge proposed to pay the balance of the cost if it fell below the fares paid by passengers.

April 1911
It was decided to have a Motto for the Lodge this was to be “MOSS JANNA VITAL” which translated means “DEATH IS THE GATE OF LIFE”.  This motto can be seen to this date on the East wall of the Lodge.

May 1911
The meeting on 4th May will be an E.A. Degree followed by a Mark Degree at 8 p.m.

June 1911
Meeting on 22nd June will be cancelled due to the Coronation of King George V and Queen Mary.

May 1912
A football match was arranged between Glenboig Masons and Glenboig Merchants.

June 1912
Bro. Henry (Senior Warden) was thanked for the use of his pony and trap for Masonic duties and was presented with an umbrella by the Brethren of the Lodge.

February 1916
It was proposed that parcels be sent to Brethren on active service.

August 1918
It was reported to the Lodge that 24 members were on active service October 1918 It was reported to the Lodge that one of our members Bro. William M. Thomson had been awarded the O.B.E.

November 1918
It was reported that Brother A. Mutch Jnr. had been wounded in France.  A motion was passed that every Brother on active service receive a postal order for 5/-.

December 1918
It was reported back to the lodge that Brother Kenny McConnell killed in action in France, Brother James C. Brash awarded the D.C.M. for bravery in action, and Brethren sang the National Anthem at the close of the meeting.

February 1919
Building Committee proposed to the Lodge that they think about building a new Temple.

March 1919
Lodge Coltswood were involved in local committees regarding the erection of a War Memorial.  Collection taken up for this project amounted to £3.3/-

July 1919
Brethren marched in full Masonic Regalia for Church Service.

December 1919
During the first ten years of the Lodge it averaged 21 new candidates, and in that year of 1919, they had initiated no fewer than 97 candidates.

March 1920
The Minute Book quotes:- “After justice had been done to the good things” a pleasant hour was spent in song and sentiment.

March 1920
Motion to build a two storey Temple was put to Lodge and was defeated by a vote of 5 AGAINST – 3 FOR. This seems a very small vote on such an important matter, but the Minute Books gives no further information.

April 1920
A report was put before the Lodge with a view to purchasing the U.F. Church Hall.

May 1920
A donation of £20 was received from the Eastern Star.  A wonderful gesture and a great deal of money in this year of 1920.

August 1920
On the subject of a new Lodge to be formed in Gartcosh, the Lodge voted by 14 to 6 to appeal against the formation of a new Lodge.

January 1921
After a few meetings, proposals and counter proposals, it was agreed that they should purchase the U.F. Hall for £390 + half the legal fees.

November 1922
Unveiling of the Glenboig War Memorial at 3 p.m.

October 1924 
First discussions took place regarding holding an annual dance.  The music would be provided by a piano and violin and the tickets would be 4/- for men and 3/6d for ladies.

August 1927
Unable to open the Lodge as only 6 Brethren arrived at the hall.

October 1928
 Unable to hold a meeting because of a fire in the ante-room.  All Lodge Aprons, Tools and even the Charter were destroyed. Provincial Grand Lodge was asked for dispensation until a new Charter was received.  In the meantime it was decided to purchase 50 Aprons, and Lodge working tools, and to contact Co-Operative Insurance Company.

October 1928
 Lodge purchased 6 dozen cloth aprons at 2/- each and a full set of working tools for £2.

October 1928
Settlement came from the Co-operative Insurance regarding fire damage.  The offer was £378.10d for damage to building and £100.00 for Lodge Regalia

November 1928
An offer of a pulpit Bible to replace the one lost in the fire was thankfully accepted.

November 1928
Lodge agreed to purchase 24 Office Bearers Aprons at £1.5/- each, Sashes at 12/6d, collarettes at 3/- and Jewels at 16/6d.

The Lodge formed a Committee to visit Brethren who were three years in arrears with Lodge dues.

A motion was put before the Lodge that the Brethren of Coltswood pay the harmony levy for visitors.  An amendment was put forward that the Brethren do not pay.  The amendment was carried.

A Whist Drive, Dance and Sale of Work raised a profit of £5.4/9d and a Sale of Work with side shows realised a handsome profit of £29.12/4d.

The Dramatic Society who had hired the hall, asked for permission to fit temporary footlights.  Permission was granted providing they paid for the extra electricity used.

February 1936
Lodge went into official mourning owing to the death of King George V.

March 1936
The Lodge was informed of the death of Bro. Hynds, one of the founder members.  This was the first break in the chain of founder members.

Bro. A. Mutch was presented with a barometer in recognition of his 25 years service as an Office Bearer.

October 1938
The Lodge was informed that Bro. A. Paterson, one of the founder members, had been killed at work.

November 1940
Passed in the Lodge was the motion that members serving in the Forces be kept clear in the Lodge books whilst serving.

November 1940
The R.W.M. of Griffin Gartcosh ripped the seat of his trousers on a nail on a Lodge chair.  The Lodge had to pay to have them mended.

December 1940
The Lodge was informed by local authority that the hall would be at the disposal of the local residents if they suffered enemy attack.

August 1941
The Lodge was informed of the death of another founder member Bro. John Ferguson P.M.

September 1942
The Lodge discussed plans for acquiring Past Masters Boards.

Archibald Mutch awarded Honorary Grand Rank of Provincial Grand Lodge Bible Bearer

June 1951
The Lodge was informed of the death of Ex-Provost Robert. Irvine of Coatbridge who was Chaplain of the Lodge.

September 1954
The Lodge decided to purchase an Apron, Sash and Jewel and present it to Brother A. Mutch in recognition of his services as Secretary of the Lodge.

April 1955
The Lodge offered its congratulations to Brother David Shaw (brother of Jock “Tiger” Shaw of Glasgow Rangers) on his appointment as Manager of Aberdeen Football Club.

October 1956
An application for Benevolence from a Brother of the Lodge was refused on the grounds that the said Brother, who had been initiated in 1926, had never paid any dues to the Lodge.

October 1956
The Lodge was informed of the death of a Brother of the Lodge who had only attained the rank of a Fellow Craft.

January 1962
The Minute Book informs us that 11th January 1962 was the date of the Lodge’s first Instruction Class.

December 1963
On the subject of Past Masters Boards, Brother Stewart of Lodge 199 made the boards and Brother Walker of Lodge 147 offered to put on the names of the Past Masters.

December 1964
The Lodge was informed of the death of the former secretary for many years – Brother A. Mutch.

September 1967
The Lodge was informed of the death of another founder member – namely Brother John Black.

September 1969
The Lodge was informed of the death of Brother Hugh Young P.M. who was the first Secretary of the Lodge and the last founder member of the Lodge.

William Menzies awarded Honorary Grand Rank of Provincial Grand Lodge Grand Marshall

January 1971
At the meeting on 7th January reference was made to the Ibrox Park Football Disaster and the Brethren were upstanding to observe one minute’s silence.

September 1974
The dedication of the Lodge Alter, Bible and Cushions took place.  The Alter was presented by Brother Harris, the Bible by Brother Findlay, and the Cushions by Brother Menzies.

October 1975
It was passed in open Lodge that any Brother who had attained pensionable age would benefit from a free meal at Installations.  At the present time I am unsure if this motion has been rescinded.
January 1977 Past Master R. Gunning presented the Lodge a set of Deacon’s Rods.

September 1977
On Sunday, 15 September, the Lodge was represented at the Church Service to dedicate the Pulpit Bible “Presented to Glenboig Parish Church from Lodge Coltswood Glenboig No. 1067”.

February 1979
Three Gavels for the use of the R.W.M., W.S.W., and W.J.W. were presented to the Lodge from Lodge 963.

September 1987
The R.W.M. announced that the Lodge had received a gift of a hand engraved box containing individually wrapped cigars with the Lodge Coltswood logo.  The cigars were sold for £1.00 each, and raised the sum of £50.00 for Lodge funds.  It was also decided that the box remain the property of the R.W.M.

October 1987
Brother J. Dorricot R.W.P.G.M. presented to Brother Harris, Treasurer, a framed Diploma and a personal Jewel to make the occasion of being honoured by receiving Distinguished Service Membership for his service to Lodge Coltswood.

May 1989
Brother James Jarvie P.M. of Lodge Milo 938 in Saudi Arabia presented a ten year anniversary jewel to the R.W.M. of Lodge Coltswood.

November 1989
A portrait of the H.M. Queen was presented to the Lodge by Brother W. McLaughlin.

April 1990
At a meeting on 5 April 1990, Brother J. Dorricot, R.W.P.G.M., gave a glowing report to the Brethren of Brother James Shanks P.M. of Lodge Coltswood, and at present the W.P.G.S.W.  He made reference to the fact that although Brother Shanks had been initiated in 1966 he had attained the Chair in his Mother Lodge in the year of 1969/70. Brother Dorricot presented to Brother Shanks a Distinguished Services Diploma and a Jewel was presented to Brother Shanks P.M. by R.W.M., Bro. John Mack, to mark the occasion.

Brother Shanks is still very involved in Coltswood, and at the time of writing he is the Right Worshipful Depute Provincial Grand Master of Lanarkshire Middle Ward.

December 1994
Brother R. Gunning P.M. was installed for the second time as R.W.M. of Lodge Coltswood, on 3rd December 1994.

December 1994
At a specially called management meeting, the Brethren were deeply shocked when informed that Bro. R.W.M. R. Gunning had died. Brother A. Hamilton I.P.M. took over his rightful duties of R.W.M. for the ensuing year.

April 1995
As mentioned elsewhere, the Lodge was always keen to support local organisations and they donated £25 to Glenboig United Football Club to help pay for their trip to Belgium.

June 1995
Bro. J. Tate P.M. of Lodge Avon presented to the Lodge a paymasters wicket for use in the Mark Degree

June 1995
Bro. Sandy Stewart presented a portrait of Bro. Robert Burns to the Lodge

April 1996
The Lodge received an anonymous donation of £1240, a very generous donation indeed.

May 1996
The Lodge received a quotation for a new Lodge carpet priced at £1153.83 including VAT

November 1996
A brother of the Lodge reported to the Lodge (his name shall not be revealed) that “he was in bed with influenza, and that he was looking forward to receiving a “Get Well Card” from the Lodge. The response from the brethren was “tough luck”!.

November 1996
Bro. Harris P.M. was presented with a gift from the Lodge in appreciation of 45 years service to the Lodge and 25 years as unbroken service as Treasurer

March 1997
The Lodge purchased a PA system for the harmony at a cost of £600

April 1997
The meeting of the Lodge was scheduled to commence at 7pm, The temple could not be opened because no brother had the keys!. The Secretary put this report in the minute book :-

“Two well known brethren, being key holders and also Past Masters of a superior breed of workmen travelled to Glenboig in search of more Masonic light, on arrival at their destination they found that the keys were missing from the pockets of their apparel. This caused great consternation amongst the assembled brethren, after calling a conference of the Brethren one of the Master Masons gained passage from Glenboig to Ramone in search of keys. Great was the rejoice when he returned and proclaimed “The keys are here”

September 1997
The Lodge was upstanding for one minutes silence in memory of Diana Princess of Wales who was tragically killed in a car accident in Paris France

February 1998
Lodge 88 New Monkland Montrose donated an organ to the Lodge

March 1998
David Stewart P.M.  of Lodge Coltswood Glenboig No. 1067 was installed as RWM of Lodge Fleur De Lys No. 1722

April 1998
A quaich was presented to R.W.M. Bro. Callum Stewart by Lodge Ruchill No. 1436

November 1998
The Lodge was informed of the sudden death of Brother William Angus. Brother Angus was at the time of his death the Lodge Tyler, and at the Annual General Meeting had been proposed and seconded for the post of Inner Guard.  Sadly he was never installed in this office but as a mark of respect the Lodge did not fill this post in the ensuing year.

March 1999
Apron from Lodge 1067 of the French Constitution presented to the Lodge

April 1999
A clock was presented to the Lodge by Bro. John Thomson in memory of Bro. William Angus

February 2000
Bro. D. Morgan received his Master Mason Degree from the Brethren of Lodge Caldercruix St. John No 1314. The Secretary wrote “Bro. Morgan and the assembled Brethren will never forget this Degree” I wonder why?

June 2000
Brethren of the Lodge attended the funeral of Jock “Tiger “Shaw of Glasgow Rangers

September 2000
Bro. John Thomson presented to the Lodge a commemorative plate plaque to commemorate the Piper Alpha disaster

October 2000
It was reported that the Provincial Grand Lodge of Lanarkshire Middle Ward had presented a cheque for £7000 to St. Andrews Hospice Airdrie

December 2001
The Lodge was informed of the sudden death of Bro. Bobby Angus P.M.

January 2002
Bro. Hugh Campbell P.M. paid a glowing tribute to Bobby Angus P.M. and thanked the 39 brethren from the Lodge who attended his funeral

Bro James Shanks P.M. awarded Honorary Grand Rank of Provincial Grand Lodge Grand Junior Deacon

May 2003
Bro. Andy Miller P.M. Lodge Coltswood No. 1067 received his 50 year certificate from The Provincial Grand Lodge of Lanarkshire Middle Ward, another 50 year certificate was due to be presented to Bro J. Harris P.M.  but because of illness he was unable to attend the Lodge. The certificate will be presented to him by Bro. Jim Roberts P.M.

November 2003
The Lodge was informed of the death of Bro. J. Harris P.M. the former Treasurer of the Lodge who in 1996 was honoured by the Lodge for 45 years service to the Lodge and 25 years unbroken service as Treasurer

January 2004
Lodge donated £100 to the East Asia Tsunami Fund

May 2006
Lodge Dumfries Kilwinning No. 53 presented a gavel to R.W.M. Bro. Neil Thomson in memory of his grandfather who was a member of Lodge Kilwinning for over 50 years

June 2006
Bro. James Shanks P.M.  was installed as the Depute Provincial Grand Master of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Lanarkshire Middle Ward along with Bro Gordon McCaffer P.M. as Provincial Grand Treasurer at the Installation of Provincial Grand Master & Commissioned Office-bearers attendance on this evening was 440

October 2006
Two Past Master’s of Lodge United Services (of Pretoria) No. 2067 English Constitution South Africa North, presented to R.W.M. Bro. Neil Thomson a token of the Lodge and also a copy of minute of the Lodge Re-Dedication

June 2007
At a presentation ceremony at the regular communication of Provincial Grand Lodge Bro. James McAlinden was invested with the honour of Provincial Grand Rank Organist, Jim has entertained the Brethren and visitors alike at Glenboig for many years and his input in the Harmony has been legendary. Jimmy has been a regular attendee of Coltswood over the years and has regularly been referred to as “Jimmy and his big organ”. This was a great honour for both Jimmy and to Lodge Coltswood

October 2007
Bro. Andrew Durning died on 24th October 2007, his funeral was held on 28th October 2007 at McLarens funeral parlour Coatbridge. In relatively short time as a mason he a made a big impression on all brethren within and outside the Province. He was as well known for his generosity and amongst other things he donated the present Lodge bible and the two columns within the Lodge. Andy did not keep well but fulfilled his office as Bar Steward without complaint. He carried out the Lodge set up, hall cleaning, and covered various offices.  Andy planned his own “Masonic” funeral down to the last detail and would have been proud of the brethren present and the ceremony. Not counting the attendance of all the “pigeon fanciers” that were representing all the various clubs.

November 2007
R.W.M. Gordon Rowe thanked Peter Greenan P.M. for all his work as Lodge Secretary over the past three years.

August 2008
Over sixty Brethren took part in the 2008 P.G.L. Golf Competition at Drumpellier Golf Club. Lodge Coltswood No. 1067 were in superb form with Bro. Colin Campbell winning the overall tournament and the Challenge Cup, Tom Ferguson winning the Seniors and the Lodge 1067 Team won the Masters Trophy. The Amicoil Trophy was presented to Bro. Colin Campbell by the Most Worshipful Grand Master Mason Bro. Sir Archibald D. Orr Ewing at the regular communication of Provincial Grand Lodge on Friday 6th October 2008

October 2008
Bro. James L. Jack, Provincial Grand Master attended the Regular Meeting of the Lodge this evening. It was a special occasion in that R.W.M. Bro. Alex Brown conferred the Master Mason Degree on his father Sam Brown.

December 2008
R.W.M. Bro. Colin T. Campbell designed and published a new website full of infromation and details about the Lodge; this gave the Lodge a presence on the World Wide Web. Before long the Lodge was contacted by interested brethren and members of the public from as far away as Australia.

January 2009
RWM Bro Colin T. Campbell attended the annual wreath laying ceremony at the National Burns Monument in Mauchline, Ayrshire, to commemorate the 250th Anniversary of the birth of Bro. Robert Burns. The ceremony was attended by The Provincial Grand Master of Ayrshire, members of The Provincial Grand Lodge of Ayrshire, The Grand Lodge of Scotland, R.W.M.’s of various Ayrshire Lodge’s, members of various other Masonic orders and fellow Brethren. Also in attendance were members of the Scottish Parliament and local Councillors.

March 2009
At the Burns Supper on the 14th March 2009 the Brethren and friends of Lodge Coltswood were entertained to the highest level by the Brethren of Lodge St. David Tarbolton (Mauchline) No. 133. This was to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the Birth of Robert Burns. The evening was complete by having the charter present that Bro. Robert Burns took his obligation, this was only one of four occasions where the charter was allowed to leave the Lodge room in Mauchline, to which the Brethren of Coltswood will  forever be in the debt of Lodge St. David for this high honour. The night also raised over £2000 for the Lodge Coltswood Centenary Fund.

April 2009
Suddenly, on Saturday 4th April 2009, Peter Greenan, aged 68 years, sadly passed away. Peter was an affiliate member of Lodge Coltswood and served as the lodge Secretary from 2005 till 2007.

May 2009
A dinner held at Gartlea Community Centre raised a total of £5200 on behalf of the Lodge Coltswood Glenboig Centenary fund and Lodge St. Andrews No. 544 Regalia fund. The night was chaired impressively as always by PM Ian Wilson and the speakers on the evening just got better as the night went on, first we had the memoirs of John “Bomber” Brown who entertained us with the exploits during his footballing career, then following, a great supporter of Lodge Coltswood Mr Mitchell Gibb who entertained us with his usual wit and humour, last and by no means least was the surprise of the evening Mr Bill Kelly who blew the audience away with this alternative humour and impressions, by far one of the best speakers heard on the circuit.

June 2009
At the regular meeting of Thursday 18th June a cheque for £1000 was presented to the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master Bro. James L. Jack on behalf of the Provincial Grand Lodge caravan fund by R.W.M. Colin T. Campbell, the money was raised by the Brethren of Lodge Coltswood on their very successful Burns Supper & Sportsman’s dinner.

June 2009
On a unique occasion R.W.M. Bro. Colin T. Campbell welcomed a large and distinguished deputation from Drumpellier Golf Club in to the Lodge room. The deputation was headed by the Immediate Past Captain of Drumpellier Golf Club Depute Master Bro. Ian Wilson P.M.; the degree was conferred in an exemplary manner by resident Professional of Drumpellier Golf Club and Past Master of New Monkland Montrose No. 88 Bro. Ian Taylor P.M. The evening was further enhanced by a Deputation of the Provincial Grand Lodge of the Lanarkshire Middle Ward headed by the Provincial Grand Master Bro. James L. Jack, a total of 77 Brethren from far and wide signed the attendance book and were thoroughly entertained by the Drumpellier members. R.W.M. Bro. Colin T. Campbell, also being a member of Drumpellier Golf Club was delighted to have had the opportunity to invite the Brethren along for this special occasion and thanked the Brethren from Drumpellier Golf Club for their support and in particular to P.M. Ian Taylor for arranging such a fantastic night. A very complimentary vote of thanks was proposed by the Provincial Grand Master Bro. James L. Jack

July 2009
After all the years of fundraising the Lodge took delivery of a full set of new Regalia, the new Regalia in Medici Crimson was manufactured by Toye, Kenning & Spencer and supplied by Millennium Mark. The Regalia consisted of 24 aprons, sashes and collars with fine bullion and lambskin. In anticipation of the Centenary year all the office bearers jewels were also refurbished and silver plated during the recess and the Master’s chain of office was refurbished to very high standard, this included sandblasting and silver plating of the metal work and jewel, engraving of the shields with the master’s from the year 2000, when the chain of office was first introduced, this was all finished off with a new ribbon to compliment the rest of the Regalia.  October 2009 A total of 93 Brethren including 19 Reigning Masters from within and outwith the province attend a Reigning Masters degree and conferred the 1st or Entered Apprentice degree on one of their candidates. The deputation was headed by the R.W.M. of Lodge Regal No. 1422 Bro. James Gold. On the occasion the R.W.M. Colin T. Campbell presented the Reigning Masters with a diploma to mark the occasion. A vote of thanks was duly given by the Provincial Grand Master Bro. James L. Jack and replied to by R.W.M. Bro. James Gold

October 2009
The Lodge was honoured to have the Provincial Grand Master Bro. James L. Jack and Provincial Grand Chaplain Bro. Peter Price to conduct a ceremony of dedication to the new Lodge Regalia, this meeting was attended by distinguished members of Provincial Grand Lodge and members for within and outwith the province. Following the ceremony of dedication Bro. Matt Topping from Lodge St. John Shotts No. 471 presented the Lodge with the apron, sash and case of former Past Master Bro. Archibald Mutch that was found at a car boot sale by one of their Brethren, this was the original apron presented to P.M. Mutch at the end of his term in office 1915-16, a fitting tribute on the evening of the new regalia being dedicate a apron of nearly 100 years old being brought back into the Lodge room. To round the night of The Provincial Grand Master Bro. James L. Jack was made an honorary member of the Lodge only the 9th in the history of the Lodge, following the business the Provincial Grand Master delivered a lecture on the George Washington Masonic memorial to the delight of the assembled brethren.

November 2009
On the 17th November R.W.M. Colin T. Campbell, W.J.W. Gordon Rowe P.M. and Brother William Lees travelled to France to visit Lodge Fidellte Occiate No. 1067 of The Grand Lodge of France, they were met by the R.W.M. Bro. Alain Huppe at Toulouse airport and taken to the town of Albi in Southern France, a dinner was held at one of the Brethren’s restaurants and the next morning Daumas–Condomines Guy and the Brethren of the Lodge showed them around the sights of Albi including the Toulouse-Lautrec museum and the cathedral of Albi, a truly remarkable piece of architecture, that evening they attended a 1st Degree in the French Rite along with the Provincial Grand Master and his Office Bearers and Brethren of the Province .The evening was rounded of by a presentation of an Lodge Coltswood Past Masters apron and Centenary Jewel to the French Lodge and the three visitors receiving Provincial honours and a Lodge banner, later that evening Guy Daumas–Condomines also presented the R.W.M. Colin T. Campbell his own Past Masters apron, jewel and sash.

November 2009
On 27th November a large gathering from the Lodge attended a civic reception in Motherwell Civic Centre granted by North Lanarkshire Council to celebrate the Centenary of the Lodge, the gathering was led by R.W.M. Bro. Colin T. Campbell and 40 brethren from the Lodge. Guests of the Lodge that evening were The Provincial Grand Master Bro. James L. Jack, speeches were delivered by The Deputy Provost James Robertson and replied to by R.W.M. Bro. Colin T. Campbell. The Provincial Grand Master Bro. James L. Jack also gave thanks for the evening the night was rounded off by a presentation by the Deputy Provost to the Lodge and in return cheques were presented to the Deputy Provost on behalf of his chosen charities The Poppy Appeal and The Erskine Hospital.

November 2009
A glass display cabinet with storage for the new Lodge Regalia was donated to the Lodge by R.W.M. Colin T. Campbell for the adjacent, this cabinet was made by his father Bro. Thomas Campbell a Master Mason of Lodge Airdrie St. John No. 166.

November 2009
The Annual General Meeting of the Lodge was held on 5th November 2009 the following Office Bearers were proposed for office for the Centenary year 2010 –

Right Worshipful Master                Brother James Durning PM
Immediate Past Master                   Brother Colin T. Campbell PM
Depute Master                                Brother James Shanks PM, DPGM
Substitute Master                           Brother James Roberts PM
Senior Warden                                Brother Gordon Rowe PM
Junior Warden                                Brother Ralph Sinclair
Secretary                                         Brother Neil Thomson PM
Treasurer                                         Brother Gordon McCaffer PM, PGT.
Almoner                                           Brother Bobby McIntosh
PM Chaplin                                     Brother Kenneth Murray PM
Senior Deacon                                Brother Joe Spiers
Junior Deacon                                Brother John Mack
Inner Guard                                    Brother Robert Reid
Architect                                         Brother Samuel Brown
Bible Bearer                                   Brother John Lindsay
Director of Ceremonies                 Brother Callum Stewart PM
Bard                                                Brother Jim Ringrose
Sword Bearer                                 Brother Stanley Cargill
President of the Stewards            Brother Alan Hopkins
Junior Steward                               Brother Les Rowe
Director of Music                           Brother James McAlinden HPGO
Marshall                                          Brother Tony Sinclair
Tyler                                                Brother Andy Stewart

December 2009

Due to the continued ill health of Bro. Sinclair Upton, R.W.M. Colin T. Campbell and Bro. Ian Wilson P.M. attended his home on Friday 4th December to present him with his 50 year Jubilee Diploma, Brother Upton was initiated on 6th October 1955, passed 20th October 1955 and raised 19th November 1955 and received his mark on 20th September 1956. Brother Upton commented that he was missing attending the Lodge and was asking for a few of the old faces.

December 2009
At the Installation ceremony held on 6th December 2009 Bro. James Durning P.M. was installed Right Worshipful Master of Lodge Coltswood Glenboig for the Centenary year by Installing Masters Bro. Ian Wilson P.M. and Bro. Bobby McIntosh P.M., the logistics on getting to the Ceremony were difficult due to the railway bridge between Coatbridge and Glenboig being closed due to emergency repairs, however after a delayed start and rather large attendance under the circumstances, another milestone in the history of this fine old Lodge was recorded.

December 2009
R.W.M. Bro. James Durning presented the R.W.M. Bro. Colin Fulton of Lodge St. Andrews No. 544 with a Centenary Jewel as a token of appreciation of being one of the sponsor and founder Lodge’s who signed the application for Charter in 1909.

January 2010
P.M. David Stewart assisted by I.P.M. Bro. Colin T. Campbell attended The Operative Lodge of Airdrie No. 203 to present the Lodge with a Centenary Jewel as a token of appreciation of being one of the founder Lodge’s.

January 2010
W.S.W. Bro. Gordon Rowe P.M. assisted by Bro. Robert Ross P.M. and Bro. Alex P.M. attended Lodge Partick St. Mary No. 117 to present the Lodge with a Centenary Jewel as a token of appreciation of being one of the founder Lodge’s.

January 2010
I.P.M. Brother Colin T. Campbell presented R.W.M. Bro. Thomas Connor of Lodge Whifflet St. John No. 963 with a Centenary Jewel as a token of appreciation of being one of the sponsor and founder Lodge’s who signed the application for Charter in 1909.

February 2010
Amid great celebration the Ceremony of re-dedication was carried out by The Grand Lodge of Scotland in the Masonic Temple, Clark Street, Airdrie, A deputation for The Grand Lodge of Scotland was headed by the Depute Grand Master Bro. Hugh Bryson and the deputation for the Provincial Grand Lodge of Lanarkshire Middle Ward headed by The Provincial Grand Master Bro. James L. Jack, this was followed by a Centenary Banquet in Gartlea Community Centre Airdrie catered for by Bro. Alan Boslem of Big Bite Catering. On the day all visitors were presented with a special enamelled token in a presentation case, this token was struck to celebrate the Lodge Centenary year. All members of the Lodge were also presented with a commemorative jewel to mark the occasion.  The harmony was kicked off by the fantastic after dinner speaker Eric Davidson

All the events I have noted in the foregoing pages were taken from the Lodge Minute Books, but I am sure that there will be many events that Brethren, especially the older Brethren of the Lodge, will remember and wonder why they were not included in the history. The probable reasons for any omissions is that the events were not in fact minuted, or that they are somewhere in the lost Minute Books.

Before I conclude I would like to pass comments based on my own personal experiences since attending Lodge Coltswood over the past few years and to mention a few events that have come to light since I started to write this history

Honorary Membership  During the first hundred years of the lodge it has noted that only a few Brethren have received honorary membership of the Lodge: On April 1910 Bro. John Ramsay was obligated as the first honorary member of the Lodge. Bro. J Rooney, Bro. Tom Preston, Bro. A McMillan Jnr and Bro. A McMillan Snr of Lodge Ruchill No 1436 and Bro. R. McMillan of Lodge St. Marks No. 102 for the work carried out to the paths and roads on the outside of the temple.  In recent times this honour was bestowed on Bro. Gordon Millar P.M. of Lodge New Monkland Montrose No. 88 and Bro. Joseph Fay P.M. of Whifflet St. John No. 963.  On 30th October 2009 the Brethren bestowed the honour of honorary membership on the Provincial Grand Master Bro. James L. Jack for his support to the Lodge. It should also be noted that Bro. Gordon McCaffer current Provincial Grand Treasurer received honorary membership of Lodge St. Modan No. 985 and Lodge No. 1067 in the French constitution. Bro. Jim Durning P.M. received honorary membership of Lodge New Monkland Montrose No. 88, Newlands No. 949 and Whifflet St. John No. 963.  Bro. Kenneth Murray P.M. also received honorary membership of Lodge Newlands No. 949.

Lodge Installations Mentioned earlier was the “caustic wit and humour” of Bro. Ian Wilson P.M., but it should be noted that following the installation in December 2009 he will have installed no fewer than ten Right Worshipful Masters at Coltswood and also his own brother into the chair in St. Marks Lodge No. 102 Glasgow a truly remarkable statistic.

Lodge Hospitality We are all aware of the hospitality shown by the Lodge to all visitors, but some visitors might not be aware of the donations of sandwiches, cakes and of course the famous “Coltswood Dumpling” that are given by members of the Lodge every meeting night.  Brethren with this attitude towards the Lodge go a long way in helping to keep expenses down, and help create a good close “belonging to” feeling.

Lodge Harmonies  I am sure that no visitor could ever leave a Lodge Coltswood harmony without being impressed by the atmosphere and friendliness generated throughout the evening. The Caustic wit and humour of Bro. Ian Wilson P.M., who controls the proceedings is accepted (or suffered) by the Brethren, and it creates a feeling of being part of the Lodge.

The Famous Coltswood Dumpling It would be wrong of me not to mention the famous Coltswood dumpling, I bet that brought a vision of few Coltswood brethren, I refer to however the Scottish delicacy supplied for years by P.M. James Shanks mother till see sadly passed away, keeping up the Coltswood tradition, P.M. Gordon Rowe’s mother took on the task of supplying the dumpling and to this date it is still enjoyed by Coltswood and visiting brethren alike. May we thank the ladies who have provided this service to the Lodge over the years and long may it continue.

Instruction Classes The Lodge instruction classes are remarkably well attended, and every Brother of the class is striving to perfect his ritual work for the benefit of the Lodge. The present instruction class master is Brother Robert D. F Ross P.M. after the sudden death of P.M. Bro. Angus, and it is becoming more and more evident that Brother Ross using his own methods and foresight is moulding the class members into the finished product.

Candidates and Office Bearers  Considering the fact that within the Craft at large, there seems to be a general feeling of apathy, it is very pleasing to note that Lodge Coltswood seems to have a steady flow of candidates.  It is also very pleasing to see that all the progressive offices within the Lodge are filled by young Brethren, eager and willing to head for the position of R.W.M. thus assuring the progress and stability of the Lodge for the foreseeable future.

Right Worshipful Master’s Chain of Office  Prior to the year 2000 discussions regarding the purchase of a chain of office for the R.W.M. were had and Brother James Strickland P.M., a jeweller by profession, offered to make and supply the chain of office at cost price, saving the Lodge a vast amount of expense.  This offer was gladly accepted and approved by the Lodge. It was very fitting that the R.W.M. of Lodge Coltswood will at last adorned with a chain of office befitting his high position. The same chain of office was refurbished during the 2009 recess by Millennium Mark for the Centenary and was dedicated along with the new Lodge Regalia on 30thOctober 2009.

In conclusion I would respectfully remind the Brethren always to bear in mind the very high principles that Lodge Coltswood was founded on. The Lodge has always been noted for its high quality and friendliness, and I am sure that these are the reasons that down through the years, scores of Brethren wanted to affiliate and become part of this fine Lodge.

Also we must never forget the charities, hospitals, local organisations and schools that this Lodge has helped financially over all these years.

Let the example set by the Founder Members, and carried on by the Past Masters and Brethren over the last 100 years, excite and encourage present and future members to build and develop this Lodge to even greater achievements to be passed on to future generations, and we look forward to the next 100 years hoping that this will herald another milestone in the history of this great old Lodge.