Royal Forest of Dean Lodge No. 1067, English Constitution – February 2019

14th February 2019 – Lodge Coltswood Visit to Royal Forest of Dean Lodge No. 1067 Gloucester, English Constitution

A fine team of Brethern from the Lodge visited their namesake Lodge 1067 of the English Constitution in Gloucester on this evening and spread a little Coltswood Love on Valentines Day ❤️

This we believe is only the second visit to the Lodge sharing the same number as Lodge Coltswood Glenboig No. 1067, the first visit was made in May 1998 by PM Gordon McCaffer in his quest to visit all Lodges with the same number on their respective roll, conquering England then France in March 1999.

The deputation was headed by IPM Bro. Gordon Macleod due the illness and hospitalisation of RWM Bro. Iain Reid, accompanying the IPM was Bro. Gordon Rowe PM, Bro. David Stewart PM, Bro. John Mack jnr PM, Bro. Donnie MacLeod PM, Bro. Angel Rana WJW, Bro. Jack Kenyon Tyler and Bro. John Lyndsey, accompanying his Mother Lodge.

The Brethern witnessed a fine rendition of the Fellow Craft degree and exchanged a Sgian Dhu with the fellow Lodge as a token of the visitation.

The Brethern would like to thank RWM Bro. Jarron Crooknorth and their Brethern for their welcome and hospitality.

A big evening in the history of both Lodges.

The Following evening the Brethren continued their travels to Lodge St Lawerence No. 5928 in Stroud, where they were made most welcome by RWM Pete William’s and the Brethern of the Lodge, they were treated to a top Fellow Craft Degree rendidition.

Following the meeting they joined the Brethern in some Lodge hospitality and excellent Festive Board.

Cotswood Brethren with RWM Bro. Jarron Crooknorth
IPM Bro. Gordon McLeod with RWM Bro. Jarron Crooknorth
Coltswood Brethern with
RWM Pete William’s of Lodge St Lawerence No. 5928 in Stroud