Lodge Coltswood Brethern Honours

Provincial Grand Chapter of Lanarkshire Middle Ward
2016 to 2020 – Brother Alexander Brown – Grand Superintendent

The Grand Lodge of Scotland
1971 – Brother William Menzies – Honorary Grand Marshall
2002 – Brother James Shanks – Honorary Grand Junior Deacon
2015 – Brother Gordon McCaffer – Honorary Assistant Grand Treasurer
2016 – Brother William Lang – Honorary Grand Almoner

Provincial Grand Lodge of Lanarkshire Middle Ward

Brother James Shanks
1990 – Past Grand Senior Warden
1996 – 2001 Substitute Provincial Grand Master
2001 – 2006 Depute Provincial Grand Master

Brother Colin T. Campbell
2021 to Date Substitute Provincial Grand Master

Brother Gordon McCaffer
2011 to Date Provincial Grand Treasurer

Brother William Lang
2019 – Past Grand Senior Warden

Brother James McIlinden
2007 – Honorary Provincial Grand Organist

Provincial Grand Lodge of Terres Du Temple – Grande Loge National Francais

Brother Colin T. Campbell – Honorary Past Provincial Grand Senior Warden
Brother William G. Rowe – Honorary Past Provincial Grand Superintendent
Brother Gordon McCaffer – Honorary Past Provincial Deacon
Brother Iain Reid – Honorary Past Provincial Deacon